von den Toten, dank Deutschland!

That should translate as- “Back from the dead, thanks to Germany!” Please don’t hold me liable if it says something it shouldn’t! = p What can I say about my long and unreasonable… Continue reading

Kia Ora!

My first postcards from New Zealand are here! These are again direct swaps. The first thing that comes to mind when I think NZ is– you got it, KIWIS! The first is a… Continue reading


This beautiful postcard is a direct swap from South Africa. It shows Xhosa ladies wearing their traditional dresses. The sender writes that usually the women wear Western attire but change for cultural gatherings.… Continue reading


  Lack of internet access over the past few days meant I was unable to blog, and my pile of postcards kept growing! The first is from Yekaterinburg. It is the fourth largest… Continue reading

Lucky Numbers Twelve-teen

Postcards no. 12 and 13 arrived from new countries. This Easter card arrived from the beautiful city of Prague and is a creation of Czech painter Josef Lada. Did you know that Lada… Continue reading

Your Postcard has Safely Landed in Lucknow

Long time ago, Greg Urbano, a photographer and blogger from Florida, started a little contest on his blog– Where in the World is my Postcard? He agreed to send out postcards of an… Continue reading

Terracotta Warrior

Yesterday was a happy mailbox day for me. An official Postcrossing card arrived from near Guangzhou, China. It features a specimen from the collection of terracotta warriors and horses depicting the army of… Continue reading

Bonjour de France II

My second direct swap postcard from L arrived yesterday. Such a beautiful black and white view of Montmartre! The Place du Tertre is sprawling with artists, with notables like Picasso and Utrillo having… Continue reading

This […] is Mine!

My tenth official Postcrossing card arrived from Russia. It’s from a town called Lyubertsy which is close to Moscow. Incidentally, Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space, was from this town. The little… Continue reading

Bonjour de France!

A few days ago, I received a request from a French postcrosser to directly swap postcards. L made me an offer I couldn’t refuse– a Tintin postcard. Today I received this postcard from… Continue reading